Conditions Treated Through Counselling

Willow Health specializes in counselling focused on:

Prenatal and Postpartum Counselling
The journey into parenthood can be filled with an immense amount of joy and excitement, however this journey can also leave parents with an increased sense of anxiety, depression and stress. Long-lasting feelings of anxiety, hopelessness, worthlessness, guilt or depression is considered Postpartum Depression and can improve with the assistance of counselling.

Grief and Loss Counselling
Grief is a natural reaction to loss and an ongoing process as we learn to adjust to a new way of living. Counselling can provide you with support and clarity as you journey through the healing process.

Mental Health Counselling
After receiving a mental health diagnosis the road to recovery can often be scary and confusing. But the process of recovery is possible for everyone. A mental health diagnosis does not define who you are and together, through counseling, you and Marlene can look at ways for you to re-gain your role in your family and community.

Chronic Discomfort/Sexual Pain
Chronic discomfort and longstanding sexual pain can cause a woman to feeling isolated and alone. Counselling can help identify methods to manage pain, increase enjoyment, and improvement communication.

The Willow Health Environment

Willow Health is committed to your total well-being. The environment at Willow Health will make you feel welcomed, safe, and understood.

Marlene Maddocks is a counselor committed to ensuring you feel heard and respected throughout the counselling process. Together, you will achieve your self-identified goals.