How do pelvic floor muscles contribute to sexual function?

Strong pelvic floor muscles correlate with increased sexual sensation and arousal.  When pelvic floor muscles are persistently tight, or hypertonic, this can cause significant pain in the muscles around the vagina during intercourse and orgasm.  Both penetration or thrusting movements can become very painful.  Sometimes, the nerves around these muscles also become very sensitized.  This can all lead to intense burning/ripping feelings during intercourse.  It may be achy for hours or days after having sex.

Symptoms of tight pelvic floor muscles may include pressure and heaviness feelings in the pelvis, which is common in 1 in 5 women.  These symptoms can be relieved with appropriate, multi-disciplinary treatments from your Gynecologist, Family Doctor, and Pelvic Health physiotherapist.

If this type of pain is affecting your personal relationships, it can be helpful to work with a Counsellor to help develop powerful personal tools to improve your pain management  and quality of life.

At Willow Health, we are dedicated to providing multi-disciplinary services to help you achieve complete wellness.

For more information on female pelvic pain vulvodynia, go to:
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