Our counsellors use narrative approaches to her counselling work. This approach is an innovative therapeutic method that looks at the narratives, or stories, that people use to make meaning of their lives and as such can re-author them and change their relationship to the problem. Narrative Therapy supports the notion that having meaningful conversations can assist you in your pursuit for health. Along with the counsellor, you will work to achieve your preferred values, beliefs, hopes, dreams, visions, and commitments to ways of living. 

 Counselling philosophy:

We believe that the person is NOT the problem. We strive to understand and partner with you as we take a stand against the problem. Together we can change your relationship to the problem and work with you to reclaim your life and relationships from the dominance you may feel the problem has had in your life. 

You are the expert. As the counsellor we will aim to ensure that you and your ideas are central to our work together. we will work collaboratively with you rather than pretending to be the all-knowing expert that will tell you how to achieve change. At times we may share ideas and resources, based on information gathered from others, but ultimately you are the one who exhibits the unique wisdom, story, and resources.  

We believe that everyone has the ability to change although we all have varying levels of readiness.

We all are worthy of dignity and respect. The counselling space is one that values all people regardless of their age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, or relationship status.


Counselling at Willow Health will provide you with the skills and confidence you will need to heal and move forward in your journey.

Who attends Counselling?

4 out of 5 of us will experience stress, anxiety, depression, grief and loss in our lifetime.

Counselling through Willow Health can help you move towards healing and recovery. Together, you and Willow Health counsellor will partner through therapeutic counselling to ensure that you are feeling heard and supported.